Lone Tree & ReMax Structure Local Event

Happy Thursday, It’s the last Thursday of the Month, which means it’s Adventure Run Time again in Lone Tree!

ReMax Structure In Lone Tree and Adventure Run:

Re/Max Structure is highly dedicated to the communities we work in. This week, we’re doing our monthly Adventure Run with the other Lone Tree local businesses. We’ll be handing out water, prizes, selfies, schwag bags and FUN!!! Adventure Run, coupled with Road Runner Sports make it fun for Individuals, Family, CoWorkers, Friends, Casual Runners and the Die Hard Distance Runners alike. The Free Prizes, raffles, entertainment, afterparty are all geared towards getting the people of the community and local businesses of the community to interact in a fun and safe environment.

RE/MAX Structure just received their invite to participate this year and Structure CO Group is a big part of the participation. We not only participate in the fun, we’re also running right beside them to support and meet the community. The results of participating have been absolutely heartwarming! The people are fun and friendly, the run is eventful and goofy, the prizes are generous and the local businesses are inviting! We love the opportunity to be a part of the community on a person to person basis (it’s always a joy to run into a fellow runner in line or at another event).

Participating In The Lone Tree Community:

It’s always exciting when we have the opportunity to give back and especially to a community that is so inviting and friendly. With all of the different types of businesses and services offered in Lone Tree, it’s always such an honor to be selected as a participant in so many events. The people and atmosphere are amazing!

There are just a few more opportunity to participate in the adventure runs. You can visit Adventure Run Directly or get tickets here. If you buy an adventure run t-shirt from the awesome staff at Road Runner Sport, you’ll have double the opportunity to win and look stylish at the same time! =) Arrive early and find other ways to score with your scavenger hunt =)

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  • Keyon Dec 13, 2016, 12:11 pm

    Stay with this guys, you’re helnpig a lot of people.

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