The Importance of Quality Real Estate Photography

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I was asked on Friday after an evening photo shoot on a home coming for sale in Castle Pines Village “Why don’t you just give the photographer the keys and tell him to send the pictures”. My response is this:

When having pictures taken, it’s important that the Quality of your real estate photography is always your personal best  as well as your photographers. Especially as you work with Luxury homes and the sellers, you’re expected to make the best impression possible at first look. The photographer knows what a great picture looks like and the right photographer will have some great insight for the sale of your listing. Ultimately it’s up to the Realtor/Real Estate Agent to tell the homes story and make that first impression a lasting one.

Adding to the subject of lasting impressions, it’s important to make sure we’ve put your best foot forward in listing a home for your future clients and Real Estate Peers. At Structure CO Group, working towards building the relationship with our current clients and community are a given. Working towards building a relationship with our future clients and team members is equally as important. If our quality for photography isn’t our best for what we have to work with, than ultimately we’re submitting a bad cover page for our resume. We leave a digital footprint of how we do business every time we do business and it should always be .

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  • Julz Dec 13, 2016, 11:57 am

    That’s a cunning answer to a chilelngang question

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